Solutions for Home Care

Green Sulfate-free Dish Detergent


Description: This sulfate-free and self-thickening dish detergent is effective while mild to your hands with Eco-cert & Cosmos certified amino acid-based surfactant-EversoftTM ULS-30S as the primary surfactant. It is easy to rinse off, saving water and time, and it is environmentally friendly as well.


 Formulation Green Sulfate-free Dish Detergent



Hand-Wash Dish Detergent


Description: This effective dish detergent formula can reduce the skin’s SLES adsorption and protect your hand by partially replacing SLES with 5.3% amino acid-based surfactant-EversoftTM UCS-30SG, and it is also easily rinsed off to conserve water and save time.



 Formulation Hand-Wash Dish Detergent