Application Center

The Application Center is mainly engaged in formulating personal care, home care, and environmental cleaning applications. It has successfully developed a variety of green formulations of shampoos, shower gels, facial cleansing, baby care, sunscreens, facial masks and other personal care products, as well as dish detergents, laundry detergents, car wash and other green home formulations. Meanwhile, Sino Lion has pioneered the introduction of innovative, green, and environmentally friendly formulations in China, providing our customers with crucial technical support for a number of commercial product launches. Sino Lion promotes advances in green chemistry and green products, such as amino acid-based surfactants, amino acid-based preservatives, amino acid-based moisturizing agents, and has laid the solid foundation for amino acid-based surfactants to become the revolutionary new generation of green and sustainable surfactants.

The Application Center has professional instruments and equipment, with foam volume, surface tension, and comb resistance testers, optical rotation, halogen moisture, and pH meters, skin lightening efficacy tester, skin wrinkle tester, skin Moisture Analyzer, skin pH tester, skin sebum tester, SPF Tester, microbiological lab, etc.