Glutamix A-50 (Chemical Name: Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate Surfactant Blend)

GlutamixTM A-50 is a mild, cost-effective, high-performing, ease to use Glutamate surfactant blend.

--PEG-free, EO & PO-free, Polymer-free, Sulfate-free Surfactant Blends;
--Capable of self-thickening with adjustment of pH within 4.8-5.8;
--Cold Process Capable;
--No polymer thickener needed, but may work synergistically if desired.


Sulfate-Free Body Wash, Hair Shampoo, Facial Cleansers, Hand Cleansers, Baby Head-to-Toe Cleanser, Feminine Wash, Dish Detergent, Carpet Cleaners; Home Cleaners; Diary Cleaners, DIY products; Spa/Salon Products; all cleansing products.

Use Levels: 30.0-48.0%.