Everguard PL (INCI Name: Polylysine) Natural Preservative!

Everguard™ PLCOSMOS  ,ε-polylysine, is a natural polyamino acid polymerized by 25 to 40 Llysine. It's also known as "nutritional biological preservatives because it biodegrades into essential amino acid L-lysine in the human body.


--Good water-soluble, easy to use;
--Good thermal stability and antibacterial activities are kept of warming-up at 80 ℃ for 60 minutes and 120 ℃ for 20-minutes;
--Wide pH application range;
--Could be compounded with other preservatives.


Widely used in personal care and personal cleansing products, such as lotions, masks, sprays, moisturizers, essences, gels, sunscreen lotions, liquid foundations,sunblock lotions, milk cleansers, shampoos, hair conditioners, etc.


Use Level: 0.01-0.5%.