Sino Lion Shines at Suppliers' Day 2024, Leading the Trend of Green Chemistry and Biotechnology Integration

Time : 2024-5-6 10:23:39  Come from : SINO LION

In an era where the concept of green and sustainable development has become deeply ingrained, Sino Lion (SINO LION) emerged as a focal point at North America's largest cosmetics exhibition, Suppliers' Day, held on May 1-2, 2024, at The Javits Center in New York City. The company showcased its exceptional spirit of innovation and commitment to sustainable development, underscoring its leadership in the industry.


As a frontrunner in the sector, Sino Lion consistently adopts a global perspective and adheres to a sustainable development strategy. Utilizing its profound industry influence, the company guides and inspires the entire industry toward continuous innovation, perfectly embodying the exhibition's theme: "Inspire, Innovate, Celebrate."


This year's event was the largest in Suppliers' Day's 45-year history, featuring more than 570 exhibitors from around the globe. These exhibitors showcased new ingredients, formulations, processing technologies, and advanced scientific testing equipment. Additionally, attendees could participate in over 100 hours of scientific and marketing sessions, along with educational programs.



At this grand event, Sino Lion introduced the innovative Earthsaver™ Toolbox, a comprehensive, sustainable, and earth-friendly care solution for skin, scalp, and hair. Rooted in the scientific understanding of the structure of skin and scalp/hair, this toolbox provides products and technologies that deliver outstanding performance. Sino Lion’s groundbreaking approach garnered widespread recognition and praise from clients across North America and around the world.



Furthermore, the Chinese American Cosmetic Professional Association (CACPA), an important partner of Suppliers' Day, enhanced the onsite experience for attendees. Dr. Evelyn Su, Chief Scientific Officer of Sino Lion and the first chairperson and fifth president of CACPA, has been dedicated to promoting technical exchange and leadership sharing in the Sino-American cosmetics industry. Her professional knowledge and passionate work have significantly contributed to the development of the cosmetics raw materials sector, setting an exemplary standard. In recognition of this, Dr. Su was awarded the "CACPA Leadership Award" at this year’s conference, highlighting both her and Sino Lion’s leading role in industry development. Under Dr. Su's leadership, Sino Lion continues to bring superior technology and products to clients not only in China and the United States but globally.

The exhibition's three educational programs, led by the NYSCC Scientific Advisory Committee, focused on hair care, beauty biotechnology, and nutraceuticals innovation—areas that align perfectly with Sino Lion's future development direction. Through its two major technology platforms, Sino Lion is dedicated to the principles of green chemistry and advanced biotechnology and life sciences to create "greener and better choices." The company aims to revolutionize and reshape existing competition across all major ingredient categories in its portfolio. These categories include but are not limited to natural surfactants (amino acid-based surfactants, biosurfactants, etc.), natural preservatives and boosters (amino acid-based preservatives, green polyols from biotechnology, and other nature-identical antimicrobials), amino acid-based chelating agents, amino acid-derived emollients and conditioners, and sustainable biotechnologically-derived actives (innovative lysates, glycosides, and functional vitamins).


Sino Lion is not merely a raw material supplier but a proponent of broader values—committed to providing natural, green, and sustainable ingredients accessible to consumers worldwide at affordable prices. Through continuous effort, Sino Lion aspires to lead the global market in affordable, green, natural, and sustainable materials, enhancing the quality of life for all, showcasing its dedicated pursuit of a better future.


Our Mission: We Strive to Be A Global Leader in Affordable, Green, Natural, and Sustainable Materials.


Our Vision: To Improve Quality of Life of Mankind.