"Sino Lion Group's Paris Journey": Leading the Cosmetic industry towards a sustainable future

Time : 2024-4-23 14:17:20  Come from : SINO LION

SINO LION Group participated in In-Cosmetics Global 2024, the world's leading personal care and cosmetic ingredient conference held at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in France from April 16 to 18, 2024, and achieved a complete success. As an annual professional exhibition, In-Cosmetics Global brings together the most innovative suppliers in the personal care products (raw materials, etc.) industry, and as an innovation-driven manufacturer of personal & home care ingredients, CIOS also provides new ideas and inspiration for many visitors. 







Based on the two technology platforms, Sino Lion focuses on the application of the 12 principles of green chemistry and advanced biotechnology and life sciences, and is committed to creating "greener and more preferred" raw materials, and is determined to change and reshape the competitive landscape of the existing major raw material categories, including but not limited to natural surfactants (amino acid surfactants, biosurfactants, etc.), natural preservatives and synergists (amino acid preservatives, bio-industrial polyols and other naturally equivalent antimicrobial agents), amino acid chelators, amino acid-derived emollients and conditioners, and sustainable bioactive ingredients (innovative fermentation products, glycoside compounds, functional vitamins, etc.). 


Sino Lion is unique in that it has always been committed to creating natural, green and sustainable raw materials at affordable prices for the benefit of people and the environment, which makes these technological innovations affordable and beneficial to all consumers. At the same time, as an enterprise that adheres to and advocates the concept of scientific skin care, according to the unique structural characteristics of skin, scalp and hair, it proposes a one-stop sustainable earth-friendly skin, scalp and hair care toolbox (Earthsaver™ Toolbox), which fundamentally provides scientific solutions for the excellent performance of skin, scalp and hair. 


On April 18th, Dr. Evelyn Su, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Sino Lion, brought green and sustainable anti-corrosion solutions to global customers, including non-corrosion, COSMOS certification and 100% NOC, in Conference Room 1 of the Technical Seminar venue The declared formula products brought new ideas, and the audience who came to listen to the lecture was endless, giving enthusiastic and positive feedback, and expressing their strong interest in the product technical solutions of China Lion Group.



SINO LION Group also launched its exclusive world premiere in this year's Innovation Zone, a functional vitamin K2 - BioEssence™ (K2) MK-7. As the first company in the world to introduce functional vitamin K2 into the cosmetics industry and complete the filing of new raw materials in China, SINO LION is not only satisfied with supplying this biotechnology-produced all-trans natural vitamin K2 in the nutrition and food industries, but also provides detailed in vitro and human test data through long-term in-depth structure-effect exploration and application research, and develops matching formula samples, contributing to the development of personal care products and cosmetics industry. The visitors took out their mobile phones to take pictures/scan the code to record.





Potential applications for SINO LION Vitamin K2/Menaquinone-7:

oProtects against oxidative damage, cell protection

lReduces peroxidation of lipids

lScavenges excess free radicals

lImproves cell viability under peroxidative stress

oPrevents UV & inflammatory damage, cell protection

lReduces the expression of pro-inflammatory factors

lReduces the production of end products of lipid peroxidation

lImproves cell viability under UV pressure

lReduces the production of excess violet

oStrengthens and repairs the skin barrier

lInhibits overexpression of kallikrein 5 activity

lIncreases skin keratin content and reduces transepicutaneous water loss

oRelieves (vascular) dark circles

lReduces the relative expression of vascular endothelial growth factor A


SINO LION Looking forward to meeting everyone again next year !

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