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On March 6, 2024, at the Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) ALLĒ AWARDS dinner held at The Biltmore Los Angeles/Millennium Biltmore Hotel, SINO LION's ultimate moisturizing active, EverMoistAGG-50/(-50G), won the Most Significant Natural/Bio-derived Active Ingredient category.  SINO LION had two products reach the final round of competition.  In addition to the award-winning active ingredient, The innovative self-thickening glutamate concentrate, GlutaMix™ A-50, was also shortlisted and received an honorable mention (Novel Merit Recipient  Chassis/Blend).  A total of 39 Allē awards (including 8 for active ingredients) and 41 Merits were presented that evening.  The Allē awards recognize the best-competing products in each category based on the highest overall scores, while the Merit awards honor the runners-up.  SINO LION has been at the forefront with its amino acid surfactant products and technological breakthroughs based on a green chemistry platform and has been advancing rapidly on the foundation of an advanced biotechnology platform in recent years. 



SINO LION's active and functional ingredients were shortlisted in two major categories at the 2024 C&T ALLE AWARDS:

Active Ingredients:

Sino Lion USA’s Evermoist AGG-50/(-50G) was crowned with Most Significant Natural/Bio-derived Active - Ultimate Moisturizer Evermoist AGG-50.

“Very well-researched and efficacious, with detailed in vitro studies showing the effectiveness of 2-α-GG.  There is substantial data showing the application, stability and safety of the active.  This active has huge potential in the skin care industry, commented the judging panel.

The complete summary is as follows:

“Evermoist AGG-50 (Glyceryl Glycoside) is the ultimate moisturizer that is unique, multifunctional and revolutionary for several reasons.  It works at the root cause of dry skin by regulating cellular water circulation from basal layer to stratum corneum via aquaporin protein 3 (AQP3) expression – whereas other moisturizers treat the superficial symptoms of dry skin by either absorbing water from the environment to the stratum corneum, or preventing water from evaporation from the stratum corneum.  The ingredient also strengthens the skin barrier function by up-regulating the expression of barrier-related genes TGM1 and IVL.  Finally, it alleviates skin sensitivity by down-regulating the expression of receptor RPV1, which makes it well-suited for sensitive skin.  This COSMOS-certified, 100% natural origin product is a pure, effective, natural, bio-based and sustainable moisturizer made using biotechnology.  It can be used in a wide range of applications. ” 


“The Winners - Actives:

• Most Significant Anti-aging Active – Senevisium, SILAB

• Most Significant Sun/Light Protection Active - EssentiaTein Protect, TRI-K

• Most Significant Hair & Scalp Care Active - Fision HydraTress, TRI-K

• Most Significant Microbiome-focused Active – Holobiosys, Greentech

• Most Significant Natural/Bio-derived Active - Ultimate Moisturizer Evermoist AGG-50, Sino Lion USA

• Most Significant Skin Care Active - Mel[o]stem, Sederma

• Most Significant Toiletries/Oral Care Active – Milltect, Ichimaru Pharcos Co.  Ltd.

• Most Significant Color Cosmetic Base Ingredient - Elara Luxe Pigments, DayGlo Color Corp.

The Merit Recipients - Actives: 

• Activen SA: Utility Merit, Anti-aging for XEP-716 Miniprotein

• Algaktiv: Industry Impact Merit, Anti-aging for Algaktiv Collage

• Arcaea: Safety Merit, Microbiome-focused for ScentARC

• Bio-az: Industry Impact Merit, Microbiome-focused, for Bio-az Cosmeceutical Synbiotic

• Clariant: Claims Support Merit, Skin Care for Rootness Mood+

• dsm-firmenich: Safety Merit, Natural/Derived for Pepha-Tight CB

• Evonik Corp. : Claims Support Merit, Natural/Bio-derived for BeautiFerm Healerine

• Evonik Corp. : Novelty Merit, Skin Care for Sphinox Immulance

• Givaudan Active Beauty: Safety Merit, Anti-aging for RetiLife 100% Natural Origin Retinol

• H&H Group Co. : Utility Merit, Skin Care for Sadorfons

• Ichimaru Pharcos Co. : Utility Merit, Natural/Bio-derived for VeganProteoglycan

• Industrial Technology Research Institute: Sustainability Merit, Natural/Bio-derived for I-Proteo

• Laboratoires Expanscience: Sustainability Merit, Skin Care for Epionine Bio

• LipoTrue: Safety Merit, Skin Care for Poptide

• LipoTrue: Sustainability Merit, Anti-aging for V/WA

• Lucas Meyer Cosmetics: Sustainability Merit, Hair/Scalp Care for ReviScalp

• Mibelle Biochemistry: Industry Impact Merit, Natural/Bio-derived for CALMandrin

• Mibelle Biochemistry: Industry Impact Merit, Skin Care for TiMOOD

• RAHN AG: Novelty Merit, Hair/Scalp Care for Hairvivine-Pro.

Winners - Chassis/Blends:

• Most Significant Hair & Scalp Care Chassis/Blend - Jeesperse NOLO Self-Emulsifying Powders, Vantage Personal Care

• Most Significant Natural/Bio-derived Chassis/Blend - Natural Synergistic Preservative Blend, Dermegen Inc. ”


Sino Lion USAs Glutamix A50 Self Thickening Blend was awarded Runner-Up.

The C&T Allē Awards, hosted by C&T and its parent company, Allured Business Media, highlight the innovative spirit in cosmetics and personal care research and development.  These awards recognize and celebrate the expertise, creativity, and ingenuity of professionals across the cosmetic product development spectrum, including ingredient suppliers, product manufacturers, test method and tool creators, digital technology developers, and others involved in the industry.


Entries will be evaluated by a distinguished judging panel of industry leaders, with ratings based on provided documentation.  Key assessment areas include novelty, effectiveness, utility, sustainability, safety, design quality, and overall relevance and significance.  Following are the Allē Awards Judges


SINO LION USA, as an innovation-driven, global leading raw material supplier, has always embedded the philosophy of continuous innovation into its corporate DNA.  Whether it's breaking through the world challenge of thickening amino acid-based surfactants (as the primary surfactants) or selectively controlling and choosing raw material active components with high activity configurations through advanced biotechnology, our core commitment is to contribute value to the industry.  We firmly believe in the concept of sustainable skincare and are dedicated to providing our customers with essential and efficient products and technologies. 


“And the Winners Are … C&T Presents the 2024 Allē Awards and Merits, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Mar 6th, 2024,