2022 Guangzhou PCT Zhongshi and Sidley Baitai of the United States to help | The basic function of the skin - soothing product development ideas and suggestions

Time : 2022-9-1 14:46:02  Come from : 中狮化学

On August 23-24, 2022, the Ringier Personal Care Products Technology Summit Forum was successfully held at Shiboge Hotel, Huadu, Guangzhou. At this conference, 2000+ personal care industry professionals gathered here, 180+ booths, 70+ cutting-edge technology speeches here to share and discuss technological innovation.


In the new stage of the cosmetics market, in the joint promotion of cultural resurgent, standardized guidance, technology upgrade, and traffic assistance, the personal care industry is gradually becoming more scientific, whether it is from raw material screening and basic research; or from formula (product) development and efficacy. Verification, whether from channel change or consumer education, will be based on technology empowerment to upgrade branding.

Zhongshi Chemical joined hands with Sidley Biotech Co., Ltd. of the United States to participate in this exhibition, and in the special meeting of "repair and soothing" on August 23, senior technical manager - Ms. Wang Ting, from the scientific and reasonable combination of upstream raw materials From the perspective of: repair of biological and physical barriers; regulation of excessive skin inflammation; At the level, combined with the structural characteristics of dermatology, the ideas and thinking of product development are given.



As the largest organ of the human body and an important part of the innate immune system, the skin is constantly subjected to stimulation and damage from exogenous and endogenous inducers. In addition to the pressure of the external environment and the increase in the frequency of cleaning during special epidemics, the pressure on the skin is increasing. In addition, no matter what kind of efficacy appeal is satisfied, it needs to be based on the barrier and normal skin condition. Therefore, soothing products are increasingly favored by consumers, as the base appeal to eliminate bad skin feelings and maintain skin stability. Sidley Biotech's actives solution provides: 1) Ingredients that are beneficial to the maintenance of biological barriers and physical barriers - BioYoung™ BFL-G (lysate from Difibroids fermentation products, etc.) and Evermild™ AGG-50G (glycerol glucoside, etc.) ); 2) Down-regulating components of inflammatory cytokine overexpression - Evermild™ AGG-50G and BioEase™ MY-75 (hydrolyzed corn starch, etc.), and 3) Down-regulating transient ion channel-TRPV1 and (neuro)tachykinin-substance P-mediated Skin discomfort-inducing ingredients - BioEase™ MY-75 and Evermild™ AGG-50G.