Holistic Skin Care with Sino Lion’s Earthsaver™ Toolbox

Time : 2022-3-21 14:29:34  Come from : SINO LION

Sino Lion takes a holistic approach to skin care from the top to the bottom of the skin, starting from maintaining a balanced microbiome on the top layer of the stratum corneum with our innovative antimicrobials EVERGUARD™ PL (INCI: Polyepsilon Lysine) and EVERMILD™ EHG (INCI:  Ethylhexylglycerin). 


We follow with super-mild cleansing on the surface of the stratum corneum, featuring EVERSOFT UCS-40S (INCI: Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate) with 100% Natural Origin Index (NOI) and COSMOS certification.


Then from stratum corneum downward through epidermis and dermis, we feature two skin moisturizers: 

1.EVERMILD™ PGA (INCI: Polyglutamic Acid), a non-tacky peptide and is a longer-lasting moisturizer than hyaluronic acid that helps to restore skin’s barrier function.

2.EVERMOIST™ AGG-50 (INCI: Glyceryl Glucoside), an innovative endogenous moisturizer that stimulates AQP3 expression treating the root cause of dry skin within, as well as skin-brightening and even-toning agents, BIOWHITE™ VCG (INCI: Ascorbyl Glucoside) and BIOWHITE™ABT (INCI: Alpha-arbutin).

Further downward through the dermis, we employ a powerful anti-aging agent AGEGUARD™ HP 16 (INCI: Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyproline) and two effective sensory agents, KOKO™ ML Plus II (INCI: Menthol (and) Menthyl Lactate) for long-lasting cooling and SENSEHOT™ (INCI:  Vanillyl Butyl Ether) for warming, respectively. 


Sino Lion’s Earthsaver™ Toolbox offers all necessary components for cosmetic formulations: green surfactants, preservatives, moisturizers, chelating agents, emollients, conditioners, actives, etc. Its holistic approach and Earthsaver™ toolbox can impact the cosmetic industry positively by making “Green & Better Choice Ingredients” that are readily available and affordable, contributing to sustainability and a circular economy.