The speech by Dr. Evelyn Su, President of SINO LION, at NYSCC 2021

Time : 2021-12-21 14:43:07  Come from : SINO LION

In November 2021, Sino Lion President and Chief Scientific Officer,Dr. Evelyn G Su gave a speech on "Beyond Sulfate Free Personal Cleansing Technology" at the industry event NYSCC (New York Cosmetics Supplier Show). The current global attention to green living, sustainable development and bio-friendliness is a common challenge faced by the industry and even the whole world.


Focusing on the hot spots and developments of regulations, market trends, and technological development of sulfate-free products in the cleaning and care industry, rooted in consumer demand and environmentally friendly advantages, Sino Lion has been practicing green chemistry principles and researching on amino acid surfactants for many years, as well as has launched a system solution for personal cleaning and washing. Dr. Evelyn G Su‘s speech was highly recognized by professionals in the North American industry.


Considering the impact of the epidemic, we have specially compiled and edited the video version of this speech. We also hope to promote domestic and overseas industry exchanges, and work together to make positive contributions to a better life of mankind and a greener earth!

See the third video for details .