As a leading global supplier of amino acid surfactants, Sino Lion not only effectively promotes the global high-end green surfactant industry at the development level, but also strives to promote the green chemistry concept in China and globally, leading the green development of raw materials supply chain in the whole industry.
1 Product Safety and responsibility
For our own products, Sino Lion develops and improves the safety assessment standards for the public to understand and use, opened an all-round risk management center, and also publicly commits and shares some of our basic principles and philosophies, which are the cornerstones of the establishment and management of our product safety mechanism. For example, Sino Lion promotes the concept of "essential safety" and the quantitative standards of green products in the industry to safeguard human health and environmental health.
People-oriented is an important part of our values, so we are committed to building our production base with the highest standards, to ensure a safe work environment, and to provide employees with occupational medical and health protection, education, and to improve all relevant systems and measures.
We also strive to create a work culture that allows each of our employees to meet personal development and self-realization goals. Shaping the atmosphere of the home is an important characteristic of our corporate culture.
3Return to society
Sino Lion actively assumes social responsibility and takes the initiative to participate in various projects, especially projects in the community where the company's production base is located, but also contributing to society broadly.
For example, Sino Lion has always provided the "Sino Lion Chemistry Scholarship" in Jiangnan University, one of the most important universities in the chemical industry in China. The generous awards program has been welcomed by students and encouraged their pursuit of scientific careers.