Sino Lion USA (Sino Lion) was founded in 1993 in New York. Sino Lion develops, manufactures, and markets, independently or jointly with its Chinese partner companies, innovative and technology-based high performance functional ingredients, sensory agents, natural active ingredients to service the cosmetic, personal care, health food, pharmaceutical and other related industries worldwide.

Sino Lion focuses on creating “green and better choice “ ingredients using the 12 principles of green chemistry and Biotechnology while disrupting and reshaping the existing landscape of competition for the better for all major ingredient categories it touches, including but not limited to Natural Surfactants, Natural Preservatives, Natural chelating agents, and more. 

Sino Lion strives to develop natural and sustainable ingredient technologies that are sufficiently innovative, sustainable and cost-effective so that these technologies become the “Game Changer”, the “Disrupter” and/or the “enabler” for their wide use in personal care and home care applications. 

What sets Sino Lion apart from others is its commitment to create natural, green and sustainable ingredients for the betterment of both humans and the environment at an affordable price so that all consumers can afford and benefit from them.