Dr. Jun Wu

Principal Scientist and Chief Chemist of Sino Lion USA

          Dr. Jun Wu received his Ph.D from Columbia University, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Tsinghua University.  Dr. Wu’s research interests have been focused on interface and colloid chemistry, especially on green surfactants and polymer/surfactant systems.  Previously, he worked as CTO at Oilmate Energy Technology Ltd. and Postdoc researcher at Columbia University NSF Industry/University Cooperative Center for Particulate and Surfactant Systems.  In 2015 the Greener Surfactant project he was conducting was recognized by NSF with “Alexander Schwarzkopf” award.  He also worked as Scientist and Project Manager at P&G Beijing Technical Center on fabric and household care product development.  Currently, he works as Principle Scientist at Sino Lion USA.  His responsibility includes design and development of green and natural surfactants, formulation and application of green surfactants in personal care, fabric care, and household care products.